Corona Virus Treatment in Gujarat

Corona Virus Treatment in Gujarat
In addition, special arrangements have been made to treat corona virus or to keep such patients isolated at civil hospitals in all the major cities.  In addition, treatment is available at the district level health centers for the suspected coronary virus patients.  So anyone can visit the above places.  At these centers, samples of patients suspected to be suspicious will be taken to the isolation ward.  According to Health Commissioner Jaiprakash Shivhare, corona virus testing has been arranged at BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad.  Prior to this, samples were sent to Poona

 Special arrangements have been made for screening of passengers arriving at various airports in the state including Ahmedabad.  A team of 24 * 7 doctors is deployed at airports like Ahmedabad, Surat.  If a passenger has symptoms of the corona virus during screening, the sample is taken and transported to isolation.  In addition, details of where the passenger came from are also obtained.

 Chief Secretary of State Anil Mukim had issued several orders to the municipal commissioners and collectors of the state in connection with the Corona virus last week.

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Corona Virus: Treatment Insurance available in such places in Gujarat

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