Corona Virus ne karne banaskantha ma 144 ni kalam lagu.

Corona Virus ne karne banaskantha ma 144 ni kalam lagu.

You may have heard about Article 144 and it is probably in the news papers and TV that you have read about this Article and you have an idea that the flow was implemented to maintain peace. Do you know all the important things related to Article 144? So today let us tell you what Article 144 is and why and why it is implemented.

Whenever an incident or situation arises in any city and the atmosphere becomes tense rather than peaceful, Article 144 applies so that the situation does not worsen and the tension does not increase.

Article 144 is a clause under the CRPC. CRPC is an acronym for 'Penal Code of Practice' When a crime is committed, there are two processes one process is associated with the victim and the other is related to the accused. Details of these two processes are given in the CRPC.

What is Article 144

Article 144, which falls under the CRPC, is imposed to maintain peace. This clause is used to rest in peace. Article 144 applies when situations such as violence, assault, riot, robbery, blows occur. The notification is issued by the District Magistrate in the circumstances and then section 144 is applied to the stressed area.

What happens when Article 144 applies -

After applying this clause, more than 4 or more people in that area cannot be evacuated at all and arms traffic is prohibited in that area.

Provision of punishment for infringement -

After section 144 is implemented, it is the responsibility of every citizen to comply with section 144 and not to violate, the police can arrest the violator, which can be arrested by section 107 or section 151. The charge that violates this Article is sentenced to one year imprisonment. It is a bailable offense that brings bail.

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