Data Analysis And Map Making Using Computer

Data Analysis And Map Making Using Computer

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The information received through satellites or other sources has become important for proper management at the time of natural hazards and various natural factors which affect the routine life of people. By using computers, such information can be easily used and analysed. Computer is an important electronic device for analysis, processing and presentation of data. In this chapter, we shall learn about the computer and its integrated system for data processing and map making processes.

  • Hardware and Software

"Physical components of computer which can be touched and can be seen are known as Computer Hardware". 
Generally, key board, mouse, monitor, printer, processing unit, pen driveetc. are known as hardware.

Software is a collection of programs to perform some operation for specified task. e.g.

Microsoft Office, Open Office, Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System, Mozilla FireFox etc.

Special hardware like digitizer, scanner, plotter etc. are used to utilise geographical software and to analyse data.

Digitizer : This device is used to add a specific point  and coordinates  of latitudes and longitudes of any area.

Scanner : This device is used to add printed matter of the map in the computer.

Plottar : With the help of this device, the maps prepared in the computer are printed on a
large scale;  e.g. wall maps, topographic sheet etc. are printed through plotter.

Various software are available to prepare and analyse geographical maps. Let us know about the software for image processing and map production. Erdas Image and Envi software are used to get geographical information by applying different processes over satellite imageries. For the preparation of maps and graphs, software like GRASS-GIS, Arcview, GeoMedia, Gram++, I-GIS, SPSS (Statistical Program for Social Sciences), SAS (Statistical Analysis System), Open Office Calc,  M.S.Office Excel etc. are used.
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