classification of living organisms

 classification of living organisms

Living and non-living the two natural structures are found in the entire world.from which non-living organisms or components are studied by physics and chemistry while living organisms are studied by biology i.e. Life is a property of a living organisms.many biologists or scientists derived many principles for the origin of life,by that way they derived clear definition of living organism.''which has proper growth,which shows different types of physiological processes,which reproduce new life that is known as living organism.'' after that it the mature age living organism reproduce new offsprings after the death of old living organisms they replace them so that they maintain continuation of life generation to generation of specific species.


metabolism is a complex biochemical a result of these reactions degredation or growth take place in living organism.During these processes conversion of energy is required and living organisms get the energy frome the food materials.

growth,development,reaction with environment,adaptation,death

to grow in quantity and in number is a character of living organism. with growth development also occurs.each and every living organism react with its own environment . in which external factors play important that every living organisms show changes somewhat in their body structure,method of function or behaviour and than adaptation occurs with the is known as adaptation and afterwards every living organisms dies,increasing in the entropy specific living organisms dies.death is one of the meaningful event.

efficiency to maintain heredity and variation

in all living organisms nucleic acid DNA  molecule is responsible for the inheritance properties.which has complex coded language for internal reations and properties,which is known as gene,in one species differences occur in living organisms in own surronding that is called variation.these type of variation occure in specific species characters after the adaptation.afterwards speciation occurs.


There are various types of living organisms living in biosphere,this is known as biodiversity.billions of species are present on the earth.which is examined by biomes - observations.


there are various layers of organisation in living organisms.which is constructed from atoms to living organisms and living organisms to biosphere.
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